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Paper Flowers for Spring!

So I had a little time between orders in the shop this week and I wanted to make a hanging display to make things look a bit more like spring! I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy that was already made and could be hung up straight away. I had seen an online tutorial on how to make paper flowers and I thought I would give it a go!

You will need:
Tissue Paper x 9 sheets (I chose 2 bright yellow sheets for the centre, 5 dark pink sheets and 2 light pink sheets)StaplerScissorsFishing Line or Wire or StringHot Glue Gun 1. Select your tissue paper you would like to use. I went for two contrasting pinks and a bright yellow.
 2. Stack your tissue paper and cut into a square. I folded one corner up until it met the top edge and then cut up the vertical right hand line. 3. Unfold the tissue paper and re stack so that the colours of tissue paper are in the order that you want. I put the yellow sheets on the top and interleaved the pale pink tissue in with the dark pink tissue.
4. Starti…

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