Faking It

I came across an article in a free paper written by BBC Radio 4's Fi Glover regarding the situation of fake flowers. You may ask what situation? According to reports, the sale of artificial flowers has increased by 300%, believing many are looking at ways to save money. In my opinion nothing can beat fresh flowers, the scent, the look, the feelings they can spark. Fresh flowers can evoke feelings and can refresh memories. Take for example a bride on her wedding day holding a bouquet of scented Roses or a Spring hand tied of Narcissi. By seeing the same flower or smelling the same scent can bring back all those memories, hopefully all good! An artificial flower cannot evoke those feelings in the same way. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against saving money by having silk flowers all year round and buying fresh when you can afford to. However to get really good artificial flowers they do cost quite a bit, they are an investment in themselves. I ususally fine good silks are two to three times more expensive than fresh flowers, and if you want silk flowers I would try and invest wisely and get the best you can find.

Another alternative to fresh and silk flowers are dried flowers. Not really a new option but again the market has caught up and now freeze dried flowers are available. As with good silks, they are really not a cheap option. If you do want to have a go with drying your own flowers I would recommend growing themself so you can say you had a part in the whole process! The drying process is quite slow and you have to be sure there is no moisture left in the flower head or stem as otherwise the moisture will cause botrytis to set in and then you'll end up with awful mouldy flowers! I find Hydrangea dries extremely well and you can then make beautiful autumnal door wreaths. Now is the best time to plan what you need to grow next year to harvest a crop of flowers to dry.