Spring is on its way!

We have gone bulb crazy at Broadview Florist this week! With so many lovely bulbs available at the market we chose to go with a blue theme by using Muscari. With their flowers already peaking through their leaves and the top of their papery bulbs showing through the soil, they are a lovely bulb to work with. 

We used them for our Monday contracts as well as for sale in the shop. They last well over a week, if not two, when they are inside in the warm and once they have flowered they can be planted outside for annual colour in the garden!

Planted Muscari in a low glass dish
As well as the Muscari bulbs, it is great to see Snowdrops appearing in the grounds where we are based in Hadlow. They are one of the first to appear and always a welcome sight when the mornings are still frosty and the days cold. It's nice to know that Spring is most definitely on its way!

Snowdrops in January