Victoria and Chris' Wedding

Saturday 26th March was the date set for Victoria and Chris' wedding at St Lawrence Church, Mereworth. The wedding had been in the planning for 2 years and I met with them last summer to discuss their wedding flowers. The theme to the wedding was pale yellow and white and Victoria loved daisy style flowers.

Victoria wanted a shower bouquet to include yellow Gerbera and white Roses and also wanted to include white Iris with a streak of yellow to them. The bouquet was fully wired to create the shape and style of the shower bouquet. As a special touch we also added some Lily of the Valley, which Chris had chosen for his buttonhole.

Shower bouquet of white "Akito" Roses, pale yellow Gerbera "Lemon Ice" and white Iris

Profile view of the shower bouquet with Lily of the Valley at the back for the bride to view

The bridesmaids were to be dressed in pale yellow and so their bouquets were purely white with foliages and again featured Gerbera and white Roses.

Hand tied bouquets of "Albino" Germini and white "Akito" Roses with foliages

Bridesmaids' hand tied bouquets of white Germini and white Roses

It is traditional to give the bride a horseshoe for luck on her wedding day and Victoria was after a floral horseshoe that would be given to her by a little girl. We created one using beautiful white Rose buds and foliage and finished with a yellow ribbon.

A floral horseshoe for luck!
Chris decided upon Lily of the Valley with white Heather for his buttonhole. We got the Lily of the Valley grown for us especially for Chris and Victoria's wedding. It was grown in the greenhouses at Hadlow and smelt out of this world when the plant was delivered to the shop! 

Groom's buttonhole of Lily of the Valley and white Heather

The guest buttonholes were created using white "Akito" Roses and white Heather, again the Heather was locally sourced from a wonderful Heather farm tucked away down a country lane.

White Rose buttonhole with white Heather and foliage
White Rose and Heather buttonholes
The Mother of the Bride was to be carrying a clutch bag that matched her outfit and so we designed a corsage that could be attached to the bag that still enabled her to hold it comfortably.

White spray Roses and fragrant Lily of the Valley handbag corsage
The Mother of the Groom wanted a Rose with Freesia for her corsage. We suggested it was to be attached using a magnet in order to protect her outfit from any pin marks. When we spoke with her the day after the wedding she said the magnet held really well and that she was really pleased with her corsage.

White Rose and white Freesia corsage affixed using a magnet

The church was to be decorated with urn arrangements and pew ends again in pale yellow and white. The church was in Mereworth and it is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever had to decorate. The design of the church is based on St Martin in the Fields and inside it is decorated in the Roman style. It is breathtaking in the amount of detail inside the church and it is so light inside that I didn't need to take the photos with a flash on, which in most churches is a necessity. We decorated the church on the Friday and it was such a hot day but in the church it was lovely and cool. 

St Lawrence Church, Mereworth
Here is the before picture of the church before we started...

Here are our flower materials during the making process...

Lilies and Delphiniums and lots of foliage!
And here is the after picture of our creations!

Two urn arrangements flanking the altar and the hand tied pew ends finished with ribbon
The urn arrangements in the church

Lilies and Delphiniums with Germini and Iris
Pew ends of September, Germini and Iris
Pew end of September, Germini and Iris and finished with an organza ribbon bow
We were told that the urn arrangements were above and beyond what had been expected and Victoria sent me an email at the shop on the evening she had her ceremony run through:

Hi Sarah,

I saw the urns in the church tonight! I just wanted to say that they are beautiful. Everything, i could have wished for! Thank you.

Victoria x 

It is so lovely to get feedback before the bride had even seen her flowers on the day of the wedding.

Victoria and Chris were wonderful to work with on their wedding flowers. To such a lovely couple we wish them all the best for the future!