Spring Time

Last year I bought "some" spring bulbs from Broadview Garden Centre in Hadlow. Actually I bought quite a lot of bulbs as I couldn't decide which ones I wanted! I thought I would show you a few photos of them flowering in my garden.

"Grand Perfection" Tulip

Narcissi "Popeye"

"Angelique" Tulip

"Queen of the Night" Tulip

"Swan Wings" Tulip

"Black Parrot" Tulip

"Red Impression" Tulip

The next plant that I have growing is Polygonatum or Soloman's Seal for short! I bought this plant because at the end of my garden there were stems of the same variety of plant that had grown up from under my neighbour's fence and so I wanted to create a whole border of it growing in the path along the fence. It has done surprisingly well in my heavy clay soil that is in direct sunlight, as it prefers cool woodland conditions! The first picture is of the plant I bought last year and the second of the plant well established courtesy of my neighbour!

Soloman's Seal - First year

Beautiful delicate arching stems of the Soloman's Seal

Another plant I bought last year from Broadview Garden Centre was a Delphinium. We suffered a harsh winter in the South East and I wasn't too sure it would come back, but it has! It has self seeded excellently and I look forward to the flowers elongating to provide beautiful blue flowers.

Here are a few more plants that suffered in the winter but have survived!

A small Fig tree patio plant
An outdoor Gerbera plant that we were selling in the Florist last year that I couldn't resist buying has new growth. I can't wait till it flowers! It produced so many orange flowers last year, a really excellent purchase with minimal effort!

New leaf growth on a Gerbera plant
A most overlooked plant but I find charming both before it flowers and during. Alchemilla mollis will grow anywhere and in any soil type, whether it is wet or very dry (self seeded plants only). I love it with dew on the leaves. A soft furry texture with small bright green flowers. Will flower year after year.

Alchemilla mollis
Another favourite of mine is Convallaria majalis or Lily of the Valley. We used this in Victoria and Chris' wedding back in March but our flowers were especially grown for Broadview Florist by the greenhouses at Hadlow. It's true season is right now. I only have a tiny plant as it is in full sun and really needs to be moved. A neighbour down the road from me has a huge patch growing in the shade where it isn't disturbed for the rest of the year.

Lily of the Valley

Another lovely plant that is flowering at the moment is Lilac. A most beautifully scented plant that really comes into its own right now.

A white Lilac tree

Here are a few pictures of the blossom trees outside my house that I cannot take any credit for but are magnificent all the same!

If you want to have a go at growing any of the bulbs or plants shown here they are available to plant from the Summer to Autumn. Also everything pictured can be used as a cut flower, just not from my garden!

Have a lovely Spring!