New Website!

Broadview Florist has finally created a new website!!!!

The website features an online shop, where customers can shop 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world! A fantastic feature on the website is the translator so that non English speaking countries can still shop online and understand all the product features and payment questions. How fantastic is that?!

Our home page is designed so that customers can quickly and easily navigate to the pages that interest them the most; either shop online for all products, view the weddings page or shop online for funeral designs.

We have a delivery page so that users can see where exactly we deliver our bouquets and funeral designs to ranging from Kings Hill in the North to Paddock Wood in the East and from Tunbridge Wells in the South to Hildenborough in the West. We deliver further afield for weddings and events and can be easily contacted via our online enquiry form.

Our weddings page has an online gallery featuring a small selection of our work and also testimonials from previous brides and grooms. We offer a free consultation and no obligation quotation so get in touch and see what Broadview Florist can create for your wedding!

Another great feature of the site is the newsletter subscribe on the left hand navigation bar. Simply fill in your email and we will send regular newsletters via email of what is going on at the florist and any special offer we are running! Fill in your email today to stay in touch!

Check out our website by clicking on the following link or by clicking on the link at the top of the page at the right hand side.