Lindsey and Brett's Wedding

December brought the wedding of Lindsey and Brett at The Spa Hotel. Lindsey and Brett are photographers and they had a definite theme of black and white with silver accents, a perfect match for their ceremony which was held in The Orangery.

We created a hand tied bouquet for Lindsey of Avalanche Roses, Snowflake Spray Roses, Calla Lilies, Anemones and Lisianthus with Brunia and silvery foliages. We also finished the bouquet with a trailing bow and black and white striped ribbon.

Bridal bouquet of Roses, Calla Lilies, Lisianthus and Brunia

Black and white striped ribbon

For the Bridesmaids we created a very monochromatic look by using black eyed white Anemones and again finished them with black and white striped ribbon.

Black eyed white Anemones Bridesmaid's bouquet

White Anemone hand tied bouquet

For the Flower Girls we made flower wands with silver star wands and spray Roses and finished with black and white striped ribbon bows.

Flower Girl Flower Wands

We made Brett a Calla Lily buttonhole and the Groomsmen wore Rose buttonholes. The ladies wore corsages of Lisianthus flowers.

Groom's Calla Lily Buttonhole

Rose buttonhole

Lisianthus Corsage

For the registrar's table we created three cube vase arrangements in white vases. They included Roses, Lisianthus, Calla Lilies and Brunia with silvery grey foliages.

Cube vase arrangements

Registrar table of three cube vases
We wish Lindsey and Brett all the very best for the future!