Taste of Kent Awards 2012

For the third consecutive year, Broadview Florist has been asked to create the table displays for The Taste of Kent Awards. This year the award ceremony was held at Oakwood House in Maidstone.

We selected beautiful large headed Pansies that were grown in Hadlow, very Kentish and highly appropriate for the event! We created planted arrangements of the Pansies along with tall stems of Pussy Willow to add height without obscuring any of the guests vision to the stage were the awards were being presented. The arrangements were finished off with the event organisers branded ribbon.

We used a variety of different coloured Pansies all Kent grown. 

We loved the favours that were placed on all the guests napkins, very shiny Kentish apples all beautifully finished, such a lovely idea!

If you are hosting an event and would like Kentish sourced plants or even English grown flowers please contact us directly at broadview.florist@hadlow.ac.uk and see what we can create for you!